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HERO has a highly capable renewable power development team in the Southern United States. HERO personnel have been on both the “buy” and “sell” sides of independent power development. In their previous roles, HERO members have procured MWs of Renewable Portfolio Standard renewable energy and have developed, permitted and constructed MWs of generation in the United States. HERO also brings all-important transmission expertise to overcome the sizable interconnection and network obstacles to siting renewable resources. HERO staff has participated in every aspect of Renewable Portfolio Standard regulatory and policy proceedings and has a deep understanding of the Southern power markets.

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and Climate Change policies are increasing the demand for solar energy, other renewable resources, and peaking/intermediate power. There are numerous obstacles to widespread implementation. A market need exists for an experienced, technology-neutral, transaction-oriented development company to overcome these obstacles and site, permit, and build renewable projects. HERO Renewable Power fills that need.

HERO’s mission is to develop, acquire, own, manage, and operate utility-scale solar power plants in the Southern U.S. The Company also has the mandate to develop other renewable energy resources and to own and operate energy facilities to complement these renewable projects. The Company has embarked on an aggressive development agenda, with the flexibility to apply particular solar energy technologies to specific locations and circumstances. HERO is not betting on any one individual technology, which run the gamut from speculative to proven. Instead, HERO contributes the essential development expertise and regional market knowledge to apply the best solar technologies for each location and stakeholder.

HERO was formed to respond to the growing demand for clean, carbon-free, utility-scale renewable energy. Together, the management collaboration will bring expertise in energy development and financing, and the financial resources to build large-scale renewable projects.

For more information about HERO, email info@heroarray.com

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