The HERO 70 Megawatt (MW) Hercules Solar Power Project

The Hercules Power Project is a commercial-scale solar power project planned for Northern Florida. Utilizing photovoltaic technology, this renewable electricity operation could start as early as 2012. Hercules Power Project is a 70 Megawatt (MW) solar generating project currently in development by Hamilton Energy Resource Opportunities, LLC.

Located on previously-farmed land, the low-profile facility will preserve scenic vistas and use almost no water for operations. Using state-of-the-art tracking photovoltaic technology to maximize efficiency, the project will produce enough clean, emissions-free electricity to power thousands of homes.

Developed on 450 acres within Hamilton County’s Enterprise Zone, the project has excellent transmission access and will be capable of serving multiple markets. Hercules Power Project will be a showpiece of 21st-Century technology, making Florida a leader in energy solutions for a cleaner, brighter future.

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